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Federal, State and Local laws require us to keep Protected Health Information about you. These laws also require us to tell you how we achieve this and how, when and why we use PHI about you.


1.      We may use and disclose your PHI in order to provide you professional service and treatment

2.      We may use and disclose your PHI in order for us to be paid services / treatments rendered to you.

3.      We may use and disclose your PHI for healthcare operations carried out for and on your behalf.

4.      We may disclose your PHI as part of health activities such as death records and controlling communicable disease

5.      We may disclose your PHI to coroners, medical examiners and funeral directors in pursuit of their legitimate duties

6.      We may disclose your PHI when ordered by a competent court in lawsuits and disputes

7.      We may disclose your PHI concerning military personnel and veterans as required by command authorities

8.      We may disclose your PHI concerning inmate for their health and the health and safety of other inmates

9.       We many contact you and remind you of an appointment

10.   We may send you materials about our services and providers

11.   We may include you in our client directory

12.   We may disclose you PHI as a requirement by Federal, State or Local law under competent jurisdiction

13.   We may disclose your PHI as part of health oversight activities (audits, monitoring investigations, licensures,etc)

14.   We may disclose your PHI as part of workers’ compensation or similar program

15.   We may disclose your PHI for research purposes if approved by a competent board that authorization be waived.


1.      You have a right to a copy of this notice

2.      You have a right to see and copy of your PHI

3.      You have a right to request different and other ways to communicate with you

4.      You have a right to request amendment of your PHI so long as a legitimate error can be identified

5.      You have a right to impose restriction on the use and disclosure of PHI about you.

6.      You have a right to ask for list of all or part of disclosures made to you




If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you may call (301)523-0581 or you may file a written complaint to:


The privacy Officer,

Love To Care, LLC

2255 Crain Hwy Suite 203

Waldorf, MD, 20601,

Tel: (301)-523-0581

Fax: (301)-645-6349


Original Notice of Information of Privacy Practices of PHI developed by The North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communication Alliance, Inc.

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