Love To Care LLC.

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About Us

Our vision

Our vision is to strive to make home care service a better device of life for our patients and individuals that live in the communities we serve, anticipate and respond to the lifelong needs of our patients by providing excellent home care services, be a prominent community member known for meeting the healthcare needs of the entire community through incomparable home care services and support a knowledgeable, skilled and caring medical and employee staff.

Our Mission

To improve the health of the people and communities we serve and to manage illness with skill and compassion by providing quality health services for the community, to promote wellness, to relieve suffering, and to restore health as swiftly, safely and humanely as it can be done, consistent with the best service we can give at the highest value for all concerned.

Our Values

Our values are based on the word RESPECT.

Respect and Compassion: we treat every Good Shepherd HealthCare Services team member, patient, and client with utmost respect and dignity. We honor and respect the national, religious and cultural diversity of our community and we also recognize that we are in the business of improving lives, and as a result, we expect that every team member exhibits heartfelt compassion and empathy in every interaction, every day.

Our Core Values

Enterprising Work Ethics

We promote personal and organizational progress through innovating and incorporating leading practices

Service Excellence

We promise and deliver quality service to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our patients and clients

Professionalism and Passion

We work with purpose, optimism, and urgency to make the best decisions each and every time.

Ethical Behavior and Integrity

We are dedicated to the highest level of compliance and personal integrity. We believe in doing the right thing and expect this behavior from others.

Continuous Growth and Improvement

We are focused on today and tomorrow. We embrace change and utilize the best people and processes to improve ourselves and our services.

Teamwork and Partnership

We encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all operations. We share knowledge and best practices and welcome honest and constructive feedback. We operate by the team rule.