Love To Care LLC.

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Health Care


Our team of Registered Nurses possesses current licensure by the Maryland Board of Nursing. They are specially educated to meet the challenges of caring for clients with complex medical needs and are trained in the latest techniques for optimal client management with extensive experience in intensive care; medical-surgical care; emergency care and, especially chronic and geriatric care, among others. They are efficient, conscientious and, in practice, combine intuitive assessment skills and meticulous methodology with technological expertise into useful and beneficial application in the care of our clients.


Our Nursing Assistants are all certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing and CPR / FIRST AID trained. They recognized their role as the frontline of nursing care and therefore, they treat each client as a unique personality deserving dignity, respect, compassion and therapeutic listening. They observe for changes in the client’s mental and physical status that need to be reported to the delegating / supervising nurse. They practice standard precautions as a rule of conduct. They are proficient in the following:

  • ·         Use of Restraints

  • ·         Restorative Nursing Care
  • ·         Active and Passive Range of Motion
  • ·         Bowel and Bladder Training
  • ·         Grooming
  • ·         Application of The Braden scale
  • ·         Skin Care
  • ·         Complete / Partial Bed Bath
  • ·         Use of Bedside Commode
  • ·         Ambulation with Assistance
  • ·         Observation of NPO Status... And more!

Our Core Values

Enterprising Work Ethics

We promote personal and organizational progress through innovating and incorporating leading practices

Service Excellence

We promise and deliver quality service to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our patients and clients

Professionalism and Passion

We work with purpose, optimism, and urgency to make the best decisions each and every time.

Ethical Behavior and Integrity

We are dedicated to the highest level of compliance and personal integrity. We believe in doing the right thing and expect this behavior from others.

Continuous Growth and Improvement

We are focused on today and tomorrow. We embrace change and utilize the best people and processes to improve ourselves and our services.

Teamwork and Partnership

We encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all operations. We share knowledge and best practices and welcome honest and constructive feedback. We operate by the team rule.